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Dr. Anthony Paolucci provides superb chiropractic care, with a personal touch and clinical excellence, in Parker.

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We offer a variety of chiropractic services at our office. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your life back.

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In our practice, you will discover contemporary chiropractic care designed for your complete satisfaction.

Parker CO

Welcome to Parker Pain Relief Clinic located in Parker, CO where we do our best to tailor your chiropractic care and accommodate your specific needs.

Dr. Paolucci has been a chiropractor in Parker for over 20 years.  Over that time he has had the chance to help thousands of patients.  

If you're looking for a top Parker chiropractor that provides family chiropractic care we are here to help. It's also a bonus that most insurances are accepted. Today many people are searching for a “chiropractor near me”. We hope to be your first choice. Also, don’t forget to click on our New Patient Special. It’s a great way to test drive our services.

WELCOME TO Parker Pain Relief Clinic

We are located right off of Main Street in Parker in the same plaza with the Egg and I and Chipotle.

Treatments are performed very differently here at Parker Pain Relief Clinic. Patients often present with a misconception that chiropractic has to involve "snapping", "cracking" or "popping".

We don't do any of that! We strive to show our patients that amazing results can be obtained without any uncomfortable protocols.

Some of the conditions we see regularly are neck or back pain, headaches, pain or numbness in hands and feet, chronic muscle spasm, cramping and of course wellness visits every now and then. Basically, some spinal problems (subluxations) and lifestyle stressors may relate to chief complaints and other problems.

If you are struggling with any of these conditions or are looking for pain relief, call our outstanding team today and take advantage of our new patient special.


There are some common thoughts that chiropractic has to involve many visits over a long span of time. We pride ourselves on focusing on the patient's specific complaint and getting them well as quickly as possible. We implement specialized tables which aid in keeping the spinal adjustment gentle for both adults and children. Additionally, we use several physical therapy modalities to boost the effectiveness of the spinal adjustment. 

We know our Parker chiropractic patients have choices when it comes to who to trust with their care. We know what a monumental responsibility people place in our hands. We take that very seriously. We welcome the opportunity to bring our patients to the level of care they deserve and to optimize their quality of life. We hope you will contact us and give us the opportunity to see if our office is the best fit for your care, thereby getting people to feel better, prevent problems in the future, reverse or slow the effects of the aging process and basically wake up feeling good again. Our reputation is paramount. So, if we can help you we will and if we can't we promise we'll help you find someone who can.


At Parker Pain Relief Clinic our chiropractic team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.